July 15, 2020

Just Peachy in the news: Do South Magazine

Just Peachy is in the July 2020 issue of Arkansas’ Do South magazine, and we thrilled to be included in a publication whose mission “to showcase what’s best about our state, its people, and the natural beauty that humbles us every time the seasons change.”

This summer, Just Peachy owner Christen Byrd visited with writer Jenny Boulden about our balloon business. We especially love the way Jenny described Christen’s work:

Indeed, Christen’s designs seem like what those traditional arches might become if they experienced a literal explosion of creativity and color, splashing out of their bounds into wild bursts of ridiculous fun. It’s impossible to see one of Just Peachy’s installations and not want to take a photo.

Do South magazine painted such a lovely picture of Just Peachy’s balloons and overall vibe. Check out the whole article here: Just Peachy Brings The Wow in Do South Magazine.