October 8, 2020

Our latest at Loblolly: Eyeball this Halloween display!

Loblolly Creamery in the SOMA district in Little Rock is home to fantastic ice cream treats. We love to display our fabulous balloons in their delicious space, the very same space that Just Peachy began with a balloon installation dreamed up by Christen Byrd. Take a look at our most recent installation in October for Halloween!

We love Loblolly.

This local creamery in Little Rock’s SOMA district has long been the source of so much joy in the form of locally sourced super creative yummy treats. As the seasons change, so do their flavors, and the balloons displayed overhead! Just Peachy recently brought a new Halloween look to life.

Usually, Just Peachy goes for all the color, but sometimes working with a single base color is even more striking.

This look was inspired by the most classic of Halloween colors: black. Black balloons paired with black and white stripes (one of Christen’s faves), agate swirl and ‘friendly eyeball’ latex specialty balloons make this black based install anything but boring.

Get yourself on over to Loblolly so you can eyeball this creation personally (and order a Black Cat Vanilla cone for us while you’re at it)!