Hey, how are you? We’re Just Peachy.

Ridiculous. Fun. Over the top. We’ve been called a lot of things, and we like it that way. Bringing delight to our clients makes us so dang happy. We’re in the business of joy!

This all started by accident.

And it’s ballooned ever since (haha)!

Just Peachy was born when our owner, Christen, was the Creative Director for Loblolly Creamery. She dreamed up a balloon installation for their storefront, and the folks that saw it kept asking for more. Our balloons have been called “an explosion of creativity and color, splashing out of their bounds into wild bursts of ridiculous fun.” Now, we’re bringing that same sense of joy to event styling and party products too.

Meet the Just Peachy team!

Christen Byrd


Christen is the founder and owner of Just Peachy. With a background in photography and graphic design she brings whimsy and eye-popping color palettes to her balloon and event installations.

She and her husband Ryan, both proud small business owners, live in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas and raise their three children: Lucy, Olive, and Max — her biggest creative inspirations.

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Hello from the rest of the Peachers
Allison Morris

Thrifter, plant mom, organizer, traveler, design enthusiast.

Sarabeth Jones

Dreamer, writer, designer, laughing enthusiast.

Myriam Saavedra

Creative, Latinx metalsmith, instructor, drag enthusiast.

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Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Can I rent marquee letters from Just Peachy? I want the ones that are always on your Instagram photos.

We love those letters too! You can rent them from our friends at Alpha-Lit, and we’ll deck them out with balloons. Just reserve your letters with Alpha-Lit, and then customize your balloons with us.

How long will my balloon installation last?

If your installation is inside, it can last for weeks or even months! If your installation is outside, especially in hot summer weather or direct sun, it will last for several hours. We schedule outdoor installations close to the start time of your event.

How do I hang my Grab & Go Garland outside?

We recommend waiting to hang outdoor garlands until an hour before your event. Tie to existing nails, heavy duty command hooks, or around columns, stair rails, or fence posts.

How do I hang my Grab & Go Garland?

Each garland comes with line attached to each end and in the middle. Just tie the line to existing nails or hooks in your wall, or use command hooks.

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