(We just happen to specialize in big, crazy, bright, ridiculous, happy, obnoxious balloons.)

Here are a few examples.

This isn’t your grandma’s balloon arch.

(Although we’re sure your grandma is a very lovely lady and well… yes, we can do balloon arches.)

Here at Just Peachy, we do everything from custom balloon installations (events, corporate, and residential), mix-and-match deliverable helium bundles, grab-and-go balloon garlands, and pretty much anything we can dream up together. We’re the go-to balloon company in Little Rock and Arkansas if you’re looking for one-of-a-kind, creative, over-the-top balloons creations for your event, party, or if you’re looking for a unique gift for a loved one.

But we do so much more than balloons! At the heart of Just Peachy is the business of joy. That mostly plays out in balloons, but more broadly it means we do custom party decorations and event rentals and anything that helps make peoples’ day a little more peachy. We offer a range of ways that you can easily inject a big dose of joy into the lives of everyone who interacts with our balloons, decorations, and party rentals. Get started by checking out our store for fun ideas!

Be a Peach!

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We love balloons! Custom balloon installations, mix-and-match helium bundles, grab-and-go balloon garlands – pretty much any creation we can dream up together! The heart of Just Peachy is one-of-a-kind, over-the-top balloons of all kinds.

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From large scale corporate events to intimate personal gatherings; we are here for you with balloons and event styling. Your event reflects you – your taste, your choices, your outlook on life. Why not make it as happy, outrageous, dreamy, inventive, or elegant as you are? We’re here to take your plans sky high!

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You know that friend who always has exactly the thing you need? That’s us! Just Peachy has eye-popping streamer walls, sparkling sequin backdrops, arches & stands, even neon! Interested in bringIng all the extra to your party? Visit our contact page to inquire!

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